Rocky & Stella

Rocky & Stella

These two little Min Pins were found in Pretoria East and for 3 weeks we have been searching for their owners, to no avail.
They are now up for adoption and need to be adopted as a pair as they are very bonded. We will not split them.

Stella is the brown female and she seems to be older than Rocky, we are thinking that they could be mother and son. She is a very sweet girl and is very protective over Rocky. She is a real lady and sits very calmly whilst she has her nails clipped.

Rocky is the black male and is very attached to Stella. He is super sweet and cuddly but really has an oscar winning performance with his nails being clipped.

Both are extremely well socialised with dogs and cats, however we will not rehome them with medium to large breed dogs or to families with children younger than 12 years as they are super small and petite.
They are house trained but need some encouragement in winter to go outside :D, they love wearing their jerseys and enjoy sleeping together in the material kitty igloo.
All round perfect little companions.

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