The purpose of this application is to assist us in placing the correct dog in the perfect home. If you are interested in a particular breed or have seen a dog on our emailing system, please complete the application form

NB!!! If you are living in a townhouse complex or sectional title, we require written proof from the body corporate that you are allowed to keep dogs at your residence prior to the adoption.
Please tick as confirmation that you are aware of the following:
Please note that we reserve the right to deny an application should there be reason to do so. We also will conduct post home checks if we feel that it is needed.

Please note that we charge an adoption fee to cover basic costs.

This fee includes: Sterilisation (COMPULSORY) Vaccinations to cover 1 year Micro-chip (optional) Deworming

o Yearly reminders will be sent out for vaccinations and the families are required to comply within 14 days of the reminder. o If the puppies are too young to be sterilised they have to be returned to us when they are 6 months old for their sterilisation. We do not home puppies outside of Gauteng. o The new owners have the option to sterilise at their own vet however this will then be for their own account and proof of sterilisation will need to be sent to us within 21 days of receiving the request for sterilisation.

Comments: All animals must be an integral part of the family and sleep indoors (thus inside the house).