your furfriends!

Microchipping your pet is one way to increase the odds that you will get your lost furfriends back.



GoSit SA offers live-in, check-in, and day-sitting!

your furfriends!

Microchipping your pet is one way to increase the odds that you will get your lost furfriends back.


GoSit SA offers live-in, check-in, and day-sitting!

Chipping is a simple procedure involving one injection which takes a second or 2 to insert the rice grain sized chip. We come to you and chip your pets in the comfort of their own home!

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There is NO reason why a pet owner should not have their pets microchipped!!!

Microchip your pets conveniently, at extremely affordable rates, in the comfort of your own home.
House calls available around Sedgefield covering areas in a triangle between Gouritz, Oudtshoorn and Plettenberg Bay.

Our house calls are extremely popular as the animals feel calm and stress free. Microchipping is a very quick procedure with an injection just under the skin between the shoulder blades, similar to a vaccination. There are no side effects and works immediately.

Home visits and events only

Please note that microchips are not tracking devices. There are no internal devices that allow for tracking. Currently only collar-based devices.

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Available in Garden Route

How does
microchipping work?...

Microchipping your pet is one way to increase the odds that you will get your lost furfriends back. Microchipping pets involves placing a small computer chip about the size of a grain of rice under the skin. It is implanted in a simple procedure using a needle to place the microchip under the loose skin in between the shoulder blades. The whole procedure takes just a few seconds.

Step 1

Scan the pet
Scan the pet to verify whether he/she has a microchip that has been previously implanted.

Step 2

Scan the Datamars blister pack
Scan the Datamars blister pack to verify that the microchip is functional, and that the ID code matches the accompanying barcode labels.

Step 3

Implant the Datamars microchip
Implant the Datamars microchip, then rescan the pet to cerify that the microchip can be localized.

Step 4

Pet’s registration
Do not forget to complete the pet’s registration in a database like PetLink!

Step 5

Microchipped scan
If the pet is ever lost, hopefully his/her microchip can be scanned, and the owner’s information retrieved allowing the pet find it’s way home!


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Ida De Wit Rynders
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They are the best💕 Friendly, professional and affordable. I recommend everybody to have their animals chipped.
Amy Kock
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Amazing people - quick and cost efficient for both small animals and large farm animals.
Jessica Venter
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The most loving people I have met. She was so quick, before I knew it, she was done. And the best is that she came all the way to my house to chip my dogs. Will recommend her to anyone who needs their animals chipped.
Ethel Sleith
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Nothing could be easier, AND cost effective. There's no reason NOT to have your pets done.
Jeanmari Morgan
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Amazing People. It's super quick and easy, and done the comfort of your own home which helps so much for nervous pets. The best way to get your furbabies chipped. If you haven't done it yet, do it now.
Inanje Wolmarans
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Excellent service. They are always on time, communication is very good and price is very reasonable. People with a passion for what they do. They handle the animals with the most care and love.
Candice Stacey-Lee Kruger
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Trix Treated my animals like her own when chipping them 2yrs back. Trix and Luan also chip Kempton Feral and abandoned cats' kittens that have been adopted,very compassionate! Keep up the great work guys,until every animal is chipped